Meet our work

We are a non-profit institution, founded in 1991 that works for better education in Brazil and has a team of specialized educators. We work with Education Departments, public schools and educational organizations, leading them to create solutions to some of their problems faced, with financial support from Companies, Institutes, Foundations and Secretaries.

We work with training continuing education of educators, school managers, technicians from Education Departments and young protagonists, in order to provide conditions for school-age children and young people to have meaningful teaching, with theory and practice, and lifelong learning.

We have a Board and Board composed of volunteer employees, who work in companies, universities, who have taken up the cause of education and believe in the efficiency of their proposals. These collaborators are professionals prepared in the most varied areas, who are dedicated to the dissemination of proposals, advising our technical team or participating in the implementation of projects with schools, or even in the search for sponsorship for their projects and dissemination.

Who can support

Our projects are articulated with Education Departments and financed by Institutes, Foundations and Companies with a focus on the development of Brazilian Education, being able to use their own resources and / or through incentivized projects.

Where to perform

Municipal and State Public Schools or other educational organizations, such as NGOs working in school hours, among others.

Our differential

Our projects impact on general improvement in school performance of students with their own methodology .

It differs by taking practical solutions to the daily challenges of Educators, focusing on “how” to do it, through simple and effective tools. Our work methodology has been validated and proven as effective for the transformation of the school, by PUC-SP (research funded by FAPESP) and CENPEC (Center for Studies and Research in Education, Culture and Community Action).

Mission, vision and values


Partner organization of the Nation in improving educational policy, especially in basic education.


Investigate, (co) elaborate and propose pedagogical alternatives that instruct educators to be co-authors of an education for life.

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Our goals



the social function of the school as an institution at the service of the community where it is inserted and to improve student learning.



the rates of absences and / or dropout with “Activities of Daily Living” (ADL), making the relationship with the student's reality.



evaluation is an instrument to improve the production of teachers and students.



significantly the internal relations of the school with a collaborative management and performance of the pedagogical coordinators in the school activities.

Our work

Training of educational managers

• Training of coordinators and directors to fulfill their foreseen functions and multiplication of knowledge for teachers.

• Training in application strategy for participatory educational management.

• Training of coordinators and directors in participatory educational management to be applied from the construction of the PPP (political pedagogical project) to the management of the classroom.

Teacher Training

• Application of the 7 Labor issues - Labor Methodology.

• Potential to adapt training to specific topics.

• Training to work in an interdisciplinary way.

Students Training

It includes awareness raising and
subsequent participatory diagnosis of the school / community in order to propose action plans to solve the problem raised.

Meet our team


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Team 1

Marco Aurélio Leone


Team 2

Mark Albrecht Essle

Institutional Director

Team 3

Rafael Luis Gioielli

VP Director

Team 3

Sandra Battistella

Director of Administration

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Fiscal Council

Team 1

Dr. Hans Georg von Heydebreck

Team 2

Thomas Frischknecht

Team 3

Juliano Bomfim

Team 3

Henry Petry

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Consulting Board

Team 1

Ana Amelia Inoue

Team 2

Ariovaldo Carmignani

Team 3

Helvio Nicolas Moises

Team 3

George Ricardo Stein

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Team 1

Luci Saiolo

Team 1

Elton Viana

Team 1

Elaine Brandão

Team 1

Adriana Castro

Team 1

Luan Luna

Team 1

Ana Paula Pita

Team 2

Cintia Santos

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Operational Team

Team 1

Carolina Fonseca

Executive director

Team 2

Marlene Rodrigues

Project and Pedagogical Manager

Team 3

Daniel Moreira

Pedagogical Coordinator

Team 3

Maristela Ros

Financial administration

Team 1

Adriana Paderes

Course Coordinator

Team 1

Alexandre Mazza

Community manager of Labor Lab

Team 1

Eduardo Gomes

Project intern

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Team 1

Heloisa Szymanski Ribeiro Gomes

Team 2

Cláudio Thomaz Lobo Sonder

Team 3

Maria do Carmo Guedes

Team 3

Sílvia Maria Pompéia

Contact Us
+55 (11) 2924 7053
+55 (11) 99544 9355 (whatsapp)

Our Office
CIVI-CO | Negócios de Impacto Social
Rua dos Glicinías, 178
Mirandópolis, São Paulo/SP, 04048-050
Espaço Compartilhar FICAS
Rua Dr. Lopes de Almeida, 180
Vila Mariana, São Paulo/SP, 04120-070

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm

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