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Be an investor partner, financing the best project or action, according to your company's philosophy.


Why be a Labor partner

A quality education is essential for the formation of children and young people who will be, in the near future, its “collaborators”.

By supporting one of our programs, your company will participate in highly relevant projects for children, adolescents, parents, teachers, school administrators and the community, promoting significant changes in the way people learn and teach and in the essential values for the socialization of human beings as one all.

Your company will be recognized for offering real opportunities to young people in the region; value quality education for all; effectively exercise social responsibility; support local development consistently and invest ethically and transparently in local society.

Having your brand associated with the materials and events of Labor projects will also contribute to the company's Social Communication purposes.


How to participate

Labor has several formats so you can choose the one that best suits your company's needs. You can help transform Brazilian public education through simple attitudes that little by little change the reality of students and teachers throughout Brazil.

Resolvendo o problema de sincronização.


By adopting one of our programs, in addition to supporting changes and improvements in education, we can take it to schools in your region, or in a specific location that most need your support and our work.

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Seminars and conferences

You can finance seminars and conferences, with specific themes and aligned with your company's philosophy, with a focus on education, thus promoting the dissemination of knowledge.

O encontro de desenvolvedores de aplicativos incríveis

Online courses

You can finance distance courses, according to your needs in serving the community around your headquarters, through our platform that promotes distance courses.

O encontro de desenvolvedores de aplicativos incríveis

Blog posts

You can fund our publications for teachers, managers and pedagogical coordinators. Your company would have the logo and credits stamped on the publication.


Why Labor?

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    We stand out

    We stand out for our ability to work together with companies and foundations to build solutions to improve Education, linking education departments and teaching institutions.

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    Customized projects

    establishing objectives in partnership with the company and taking into account the limits and potential of the region in focus.

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    We have certificates

    of public utility: federal, state and municipal; Federal certification allows income tax discount on donations to social projects.

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    Own methodology

    innovative, whose effectiveness has been proven by several evaluative surveys.

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    Total transparency

    in accountability, being systematically submitted to independent audits. Each project has a checking account opened specifically for this purpose and closed at the end of it.

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    in organizing the work of volunteers from companies in their projects.


What does your company earn?

  • You can deduct up to 2% of income tax, in case of donation.
  • You can deduct up to 100%, in the case of incentivized projects (projects approved by the MINC, FUNCAD, etc....)
  • It promotes its institutional image and retains customers who are also engaged in causes that promote well-being and improvement for society in general, demonstrating commitment to shareholders and consumers alike.
  • It generates trust and respect among employees, customers, suppliers, collaborators and the community where it operates.
  • It shows actuality in the exercise of social responsibility, an idea that has expanded, gaining more and more prominence among companies and consumers.

Incentivized projects

    São Paulo City Hall Support Program for Cultural Projects

    How it works
    You can allocate 20% of your IPTU and/or ISS to support the development of Youth from Public Schools on the outskirts of São Paulo, being an individual or legal person.
    PRO-MAC aims to encourage cultural and artistic projects through tax waivers. The City Hall also provides companies with a tax waiver seal, guaranteeing the transfer to projects via payment of their taxes.

    Youth and Culture in Action Project
    Approved by the City of São Paulo - ISP nr.2020.05.12/01404
    Our project aims to provide access opportunities and create an environment conducive to the cultural development of children and teenagers from the school community in the Grajaú neighborhood. This is done through the training of young people, providing cultural workshops in scenic arts, visual arts and/or music during the counter shift, training educators in the use of culture as a complementary tool to the teaching-learning process.

    This project will be carried out in schools EE PROF. EURÍPEDES SIMÕES DE PAULA e EE PROF. BENEDITO CÉLIO DE SIQUEIRA located in the neighborhood of Grajaú (IDH 0,754), region with one of the lowest HDI indexes in the State of São Paulo.

    Project Impact
    The project will impact 240 students aged between 11 and 18 years, 20 cultural agents and 80 educators (managers, teachers and school employees).

    Want more information? Send us an email:
    State Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents - São Paulo

    How it works

    Legal person
    Your company will be able to allocate 1% of the Income Tax Due from companies taxed based on actual profit, as long as you use the complete income tax declaration template.

    Physical person
    You will be able to allocate up to 6% of the Income Tax Due, including all donations, as long as you use the complete income tax return form.

    Project The Practice of Inclusive Education
    Certificate of Authorization for Uptake nr. 850
    Our project aims to guarantee the right of children and adolescents with disabilities or with learning difficulties to achieve the maximum possible development of their talents and abilities, respecting their stage of life, their potential and meeting their learning needs and interests , through continuing education for directors, coordinators, employees, caregivers, resource room teachers, supervisors and staff of the Southern Education Board 3.
    In Goal 4 of the SDGs, we have Quality Education - Ensuring quality inclusive and equitable education, including people with disabilities, indigenous peoples and children in vulnerable situations.
    However, schools are not prepared, especially with children with disabilities. 61% of people with disabilities over 15 years old have not completed elementary school.

    We will serve 5 state public schools, from the Capela do Socorro and Parelheiros boroughs, prioritizing those with more children and teenagers with disabilities.
    This region of high population density also has the worst human development indices (HDI 0.747) in the city, in addition to an almost complete lack of essential public services.

    Project Impact
    The project will impact and benefit 150 education professionals and 3,550 students and their families indirectly.

    Want more information?Send us an email:

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