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Labor is a non-profit association, which has operated for 30 years and is maintained through donations from individuals and companies, supporting public schools in their pedagogical and management functions.

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Agência: 2921
Conta: 08962-5
CNPJ 66.519.067/0001-45
Associação Educacional Labor

PIX: CNPJ 66.519.967/0001-45

For bank deposits, send proof of donation to so that we can send you the receipt of your deposit.

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+55 (11) 2924 7053
+55 (11) 99544 9355 (whatsapp)

Our Office
CIVI-CO | Negócios de Impacto Social
Rua dos Glicinías, 178
Mirandópolis, São Paulo/SP, 04048-050
Espaço Compartilhar FICAS
Rua Dr. Lopes de Almeida, 180
Vila Mariana, São Paulo/SP, 04120-070

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Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm

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