Labor Programs

Training of Pedagogical Coordinators

It aims to promote updating, deepening of knowledge essential to the exercise of the function, with an emphasis on teacher training and monitoring and evaluation of pedagogical management, in line with the curriculum of each Secretariat and BNCC.

In this way, the Coordinators can offer continuous training for their teachers, aiming at building a quality school, with a teaching that provides a meaningful learning, improving the performance of all their students, under the aspects of school knowledge, citizenship and basic skills for modern life.

Management Team Formation

Reconstruction of PPP

It aims at the re-construction of the Pedagogical Political Project (PPP) in a participatory way, involving the entire school community. The course offers managers theoretical-practical tools for participatory diagnosis, election of priorities, action plans, vision, mission, conception of man, society and education (educational proposal, methodology, evaluation) and management plan.

Team Strengthening

It aims to promote updating, deepening of knowledge essential to the exercise of the role of each manager, with an emphasis on democratic and collaborative management and implementation of the curriculum and BNCC.

Teacher training

It aims to promote a course with digital resources and active methodologies, with an emphasis on project learning, with theoretical-practical experiences for teachers to mobilize their students to develop their own projects, as protagonists. Most popular topics: Social and Environmental Projects and Financial Education.

Business Project Management

Labor manages the financial resources of corporate social responsibility projects. We currently manage Atkearney “Cultivating Tomorrow” and Tenaris Cofab, for the “Extra Class” project.

Formation of Young Protagonists - Environmental Youth in Action

It aims at training young school leaders to carry out socio-environmental intervention plans in their communities, using participatory methodology. The course offers theoretical and practical tools for community awareness, participatory diagnosis, election of priorities, intervention plans, application, monitoring and evaluation of plans.

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