Project management

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Extra class

Description: Labor manages human resources for the Aula Extra project: 1 coordinator, 4 science leaders, 2 recreation tutors, 2 arts tutors and 2 interns/month, and manages the purchase of material.

General objective: Perform project management for Empresa Tênares, ensuring payments on the correct dates

Sponsor: Confab/Tenaris

Scope: Municipality Pindamonhangaba-SP

Target audience: 6 professionals in the field of Education who work in 2 public schools after regular classes

Output: Monthly reports on the project's financial administrative management.

Activities: Monthly payments of expenses arising from project actions.

O encontro de desenvolvedores de aplicativos incríveis

Cultivating tomorrow

Project description: Labor manages the resources of the “Cultivando o Amanhã” project, kearney's social responsibility project, which offers young people scholarships for technical or pre-university courses.

General objective: Manage project resources, making payments for scholarships, driving and other expenses, with financial administrative reports.

Sponsor: Kearney

Scope: Municipality of São Paulo

Target Audience: High School Students

Output: Monthly reports on the project's financial administrative management.

Activities: Preparation of payment schedule; Courseware; Food aid; Transportation assistance; Choice Criteria; Monthly payments of expenses arising from project actions.

Training of Managers, Teachers and
Pedagogical Coordinators

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The Pedagogue as Articulator of the Pedagogical Process

Description: Hybrid training, for pedagogues to develop work plans, with the elaboration of training actions for their teachers, contemplating the guidelines of the Learning Strengthening Program.

General objective: Contribute to the continuous training of elementary school pedagogues so that they can prepare, apply, evaluate and systematize work plans, with training actions for their teachers with theory and practice, in accordance with the Learning Strengthening Program.

Sponsor: SunCoke Energy

Scope: State of Espírito Santo, primarily Serra.

Target audience: 294 schools and 400 pedagogues

Product: Work Plan with training actions

Activities: Work by poles; 2 workshops for hub mediators; 4 alignment meetings with the new SEDU team; 4 mentoring sessions in 2 schedules; 2 on-site workshops for pedagogues; 4 EAD Workshops for pedagogues and 4 mentorships in two times for pedagogues.

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The Practice of Inclusive Education - Expanding Horizons

Description: The training of managers will be for the review of Pedagogical Political Projects and the training of teachers to carry out projects with music, arts, movements, aiming at the formation of the integral human being. Both with the objective of creating differentiated practices, with the support of the communities.

General objective: To guarantee the right of children and adolescents to have a quality education, respecting their stage of development and meeting their needs, considering the characteristics and demands of all students, especially those with disabilities or learning difficulties. .

Sponsor: Mahle Institute

Scope: Municipal Secretary of Iporanga, São Paulo

Target audience: 4 Directors 40 teachers 3 coordinators

Products: Revised Political Pedagogical Projects with inclusive principles and delivery of projects that include the curriculum of Iporanga, with the skills and competences provided for in the National Curricular Common Base.

Activities: 5 sensitization workshops with the teacher's team. Lucinda Dias: thinking, feeling and wanting ) for self-knowledge with music workshops – aiming at breaking down resistance, fears.

10 2-hour mentoring sessions for managers to mobilize their communities to review inclusive Pedagogical Policy Projects.

7 workshops guiding the elaboration, application, evaluation and systematization of projects in the classroom, with music, movement, arts and technologies.

5 conversation circles with the themes: inclusive education, AEE room, individual student plan, socio-emotional skills, barriers and communication.

Create and strengthen articulating groups (representatives of municipal institutions: Health Post, Guardianship Council, among others).

Initial diagnosis (zero assessment) in the middle and end of the process.

Offer a virtual space for all participants to access the materials worked, bibliography, videos and post their activities.

› Training of Teachers and School Managers

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Sponsor a teacher

Description: Distance Learning Course that includes a Virtual Learning Environment with asynchronous classes, reading materials, exclusive ebooks for download, guidance for in-depth reading, mentorships and synchronous classes to guide teachers to develop, apply, evaluate and systematize small didactic projects using hybrid teaching, with individual advice.

Course: Developing a Small Didactic Project (PPD), using Blended Learning

General objective: To provide conditions for teachers to develop projects, with digital resources and active methodologies, from the perspective of hybrid teaching.

Funder: Kearney Volunteer Action

Number of participants: 47 teachers from the Final Years of Elementary School

Scope: Municipal Education Department of Valinhos, São Paulo.

Product: Delivery of the Small Didactic Project (PPD).

Activities: 3 1h30 EAD workshops; 3 Sessions to clear up doubts in the Lab Digital group; Use of the platform to access all materials; Delivery of the Final Work and certification of 40 hours by the Secretariat.

O encontro de desenvolvedores de aplicativos incríveis

Sponsor a manager

Description: Distance learning course to guide directors and coordinators to understand the importance of the Pedagogical Political Project (PPP), mainly with the collective construction of the school's educational proposal, the centerpiece of the PPP.

Course: Reviewing the School's Educational Proposal

General objective: To guide managers to review the educational proposal of the School with theoretical-practical instruments with the participation of the school community.

Sponsor: MOVE3 Group

Scope: Municipal Education Department of Valinhos, São Paulo.

Target audience: 45 directors, 45 pedagogical coordinators and 10 technicians from the Department of Education

Product: Delivery of the revised and updated Educational Proposal of the School.

Activities: 4 2-hour distance learning workshops; 4 1-hour mentoring sessions; Use of the platform to access all materials; Delivery of the Final Work; Certification of 80 hours by the Secretariat.

Content production

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Teachers Hub

Project description: Development of content for teachers of the Initial Years of the Portuguese Language subject for the Teacher Hub Platform.

General objective: Develop lesson plans, activities, book tips, videos, podcasts, for the initial years of Portuguese language elementary school, inspiring for interested teachers.

Sponsor: SEBRAE RS

Scope: State of Rio Grande do Sul.

Target audience: Educators from the State of Rio Grande do Sul


• Innovation Bank - 6 innovations that mobilized students and communities.

• Power the class - 12 movie, book, and music nominations to inspire and engage.

• Download and print - 06 Activities to print and use.

• Planoteca - 48 lesson plans for educators to follow with their classes.

• Teachers' lounge - 12 discussions in the teachers' lounge

Activities: Produce content for the Teachers' Hub platform that use active methodologies and are based on the National Curricular Common Base.

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